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After 12 years of experience within the INSEAD housing market in Fontainebleau, France, the Virtual Campus is now bringing you its recognized "savoir-faire" in finding the perfect home for INSEAD students in Singapore


The ‘VIRTUAL CAMPUS QUALITY CONTROL’ is a chart initiated by City and supported in a close collaboration with INSEAD.

The inclusion and/or exclusion in the label of a property is today decided twice a year by the Virtual Campus Commission composed of INSEAD Student Life representatives and City Junction management team.

The Virtual Campus selection is made out of many criterias, notably the quality of the house and its amenities, the distance from INSEAD, from the shops, the clarity of the charges and taxes, competitive and reasonable prices or and student feedback.

What do we do :

We search for you

Our requirements are simple:
We like comfortable, clean, functional and modern (where possible) homes, close as possible to INSEAD, with internet and all other required amenities to be expected.

We control for you

We have visited all our properties to ensure they meet our requirements and expectations. We also pride ourselves on the good relationships we have with the landlords, ensuring the properties are being well maintained and refurbished when necessary.

We ask for you

We take into consideration first and foremost the students feedback as well as our selection rating: distances, access, comfort, functional, cleanliness.

At the end of your stay, we will be sending a questionnaire… your contribution is important to us

We help you

Looking for a roommate ?
Sharing options can be seen on each property entry on the website. As soon as we have received your initial request, we will send an email asking you for more details about your requirements.

We propote coliving

The co-booking is the solution to many problems !

It allows more than one party to be on the lease contract and share the responsibility and benefits of the lease.
With the Virtual Campus process, co-booking is as easy as a regular booking

You stay connected 24/7

The Virtual Campus introduces the "Student Safe House"
A secured cloud based folder that includes all leases, notes and notices, invoices, inspections photos.
This folder will be accessible on the day of your arrival and will be accessible 24/7 by you, the landlord, and us.
It will be a shared file with all your documentation for both parties.

Our satisfaction:






Our social feedback summarizes the experiences gathered from fellow students, City junction and INSEAD. (Contribute on Facebook)

They are updated regularly by the Virtual Campus Chart Commission.

The Virtual Campus is open to all landlords, agents or agencies with only one criteria: a strict respect for the quality demanded by the chart.

Our goal is to provide and to maintain the best possible house selection and to provide a trusted partner that will help and support students in booking and rental process.

The Virtual Campus provides complete online rental services for those future INSEAD students unable to come to the Fontainebleau area to look for their housing themselves, before the start of their school year, due to financial constraints or work commitments.

We provide a user friendly site, multi support, with an agent ready to lead you step by step through the reservation process. We make finding your new home a pleasure.

We are an English speaking organisation, which makes communicating your needs much easier and clearer.

Our added value, our reputation: ‘a personal touch’.